Nantucket Lightship Purses

Classic Eight Inch Purse in Maple

It was not until Jose Reyes arrived on the island in the late 1940's that Nantucket Lightship Baskets transitioned from utilitarian work baskets to the decorative purses we know today.

Although purses can come in all sizes and shapes, the most popular purse is the classic eight inch oval followed in popularity by smaller six or seven inch baskets, dubbed "cocktail" baskets for their presence at island parties.

I am currently constructing the majority of my purses in cherry or maple. To see more options, go to "Scrimshaw & Carvings."


Classic 8" Cherry

Top View of Classic Cherry

Classic 8" Maple with Ivory Clasp

Top View of Classic Maple

Ebony and Maple Clutch

Madaket 9" Cherry

Quidnet Cocktail Basket 7" Maple

Top view of Quidnet

Scallop-Topped Peg

Rope-trimmed Knob