Personalize your NLB with Scrimshaw

Ivory Handle Overlay with Wildflower Scrimshaw

Nantucket's past is inextricably linked with the 19th century whaling industry in which the art of scrimshaw flourished. Today's baskets salute that heritage with their embellishments of carvings and etched scrimshaw. To learn more, order Martha's Scrimshaw the Whaler's Legacy.

Fossilized Walrus Scallop

Fossilized Walrus Ivory Group

Fossilized Walrus Mermaid


Ivory Dolphins

Fossilized Walrus Humpback

Ivory Schooner

Ivory Rose

Ivory Swan on Ivory

Ivory Scallop Latch


Ivory Scallop Handle Knob

Standard Ivory Clasp

Mermaid Clasp

2" Round Plaque

2" Inlay

4" Plaque-Beach Flowers

4" Plaque-Shorebirds

4" Plaque-Baskets on Beach

Scrimmed Mermaid & Sailor Boy



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